"I ordered a hat and a small cactus as holiday gifts. Moss was not only warm and lovely to plan with as they asked me for specifications, they went above and and beyond to make them both perfect, right down to the flower colors on the cactus! The gifts were done quickly and affordably, and Moss even made sure that they were both hidden in packaging well enough to avoid detection in case the recipients happened upon them. Order from Yarn Deity! You can't go wrong with such a thoughtful, talented maker!" - Camille P.


"Moss made me the absolute best gifts ever. Rainbow unicorn, sea turtle, and a baby dino for my baby. These items were made so well and durable. My son used his dino as a teether toy, therefore it had to be washed often. We still have this dino 2 years later and it still looks good and he still takes it with him all the time." - Jacquelyn B.


"Moss has made amazing, custom gifts for me to give to my family so many times. Every gift I give that's been made by Moss ends up front & center for years! A Venus doll for my mother, a custom dinosaur succulent for my nephew...such unique creativity. Thank you, Moss!" - Linnea W. 


"Moss's cactus yarn creations are amazing, well made, and beautiful. I bought three different sizes and styles and love them all. I keep one in my room where a plant normally wouldn't survive, and got one for my sister's birthday. I love them. 10/10 would recommend." - Lauren S.


"Yarn Deity made me an adorable cactus (for me) and an awesome purple kangaroo (for my niece). They had never made a kangaroo before but it turned out perfect! It had a pouch and everything. So fun, and lovely gifts! :-)" - Amanda D.


"I love my yarn cactus bb! I received it a few years ago and I love having this unique piece of decor for my home. Impeccably made and just makes me so happy to look at." - Heather F.